• Improve Keto with this Simple Addition

    People begin a ketogenic diet for many reasons. Whether it’s to lose weight, decrease sugar intake, or burn fats, each person on the Keto diet is different. But one of the main goals of the Keto diet is anti-inflammation. If you are on the Keto diet, our Turmeric Curcumin Complex is the perfect match to maximize your anti-inflammation goals.
  • Stay Active with This Tip!

    The benefits of leading an active lifestyle are not only life-changing but potentially life-lengthening. Whether you identify yourself as an athlete, or just enjoy regular workouts, studies show physical activity, such as running for an hour, can add seven hours back onto your life each session. Those investments in your health are smart, but they can also come with side effects: sore muscles, headaches from dehydration, and fatigue. Those factors often hold people back from regular physical activity.
  • Why Turmeric Can Help Your Depression

    Turmeric is a plant that is commonly ground up to make a spice frequently found in curries and other flavorful foods. While it is delicious and flavorful, you might be wondering how a spice can help depression. We reviewed various scientific studies and articles and broke down the benefits of turmeric and what they mean for depression.
  • Help Your Anxiety with Turmeric

    Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life. It could be caused by studying for an important exam or new job jitters. When you experience daily anxiety that hinders your life, that is when the anxiety is no longer considered normal.
  • 5 Facts about Boswellia

    Most of the ingredients in our Turmeric Curcumin Complex are commonly known, and we like it that way. You should know what you’re putting into your body, especially when you take the natural supplement route. You’ve probably seen beets and ginger at the grocery store, and turmeric has become a common treatment because of its benefits. But one of our ingredients you may not be familiar with is one of the most effective in our anti-inflammatory supplement: Boswellia extract.
  • Benefits of Turmeric for Your Crohn's Disease

    Have you been searching for a healthier alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medicine to help treat symptoms of Crohn’s Disease? You are not alone! A healthier, all-natural alternative is preferred by many, and we're sharing our secret weapon with you.
  • Finding Wellness with Turmeric

    Finding time to care for yourself can be difficult, but necessary. Supporting your health and wellness may not be as difficult as you think. What if we told you self-care could be as easy as an all-natural, daily supplement?
  • Relieve your Lupus with Turmeric

    Whether your lupus is mild or life-threatening, there are various ways to help manage or alleviate the symptoms of this chronic autoimmune disease. It is estimated there are approximately five million people who have some form of lupus. Symptoms of lupus may include extreme fatigue, chronic pain, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, the number of cases increases yearly, and there is still no cure.
  • Why Everyone Can Benefit by the Daily Use of Our Turmeric Supplement

    Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, is known to be enriched with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. For thousands of years, it has been used for its natural medicinal properties, from treating digestive issues to soothing skin irritations. 
  • The History of Turmeric

    For over four thousand years, Turmeric has been used for food and its powerful medicinal properties. It has been utilized as a dye, perfume, cosmetic, and even holds sacred meaning in the Hindu religion. With turmeric being such a hot topic, let’s take a look at turmeric then and now.
  • The Benefits of BioPerine

    One of the most popular and commonly used spices in the world is black pepper. Known for its bold, “hot” taste, it has also been successfully used in traditional medicine, preservatives, and various health supplements for decades. During ancient times, black pepper was given to relieve stomach issues.
  • Turmeric and IBS

    Do you often find yourself with digestion discomfort? Are you continually battling bloating, cramping, changes in bowel movements, or unable to tolerate certain food? Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, affects between 25 to 45 million Americans and you may be one of them. While causes of IBS are still unclear, leaving sufferers without a known cure, treating and managing symptoms is the best course of action.  While many manage their digestive issues, including diarrhea and constipation, others prefer to turn to holistic approaches.